On this page you will be able to download the materials of the different workshops organised in the framework of the CORTEX project.

21 June 2021 – CORTEX in a nutshell

22 June 2021 – Neutron noise-based core diagnostics applied to commercial nuclear reactors

Introductory session

Session 1 – Neutron noise simulation for the development and testing

Session 2 – Advanced signal processing techniques

Session 3 – State-of-the-art machine learning methodologies

Session 4 – Panel discussion

The alive and vital discussions confirmed that the new advanced processing and learning methodologies are the crucial aspect of the effective and reliable core diagnostics based on the knowledge of reactor inversion function.

The one day workshop was followed by a working meeting of WP3, which was attended by 10 specialists, who actively participate in the project. The meeting was concentrated on further progress in WP3 and WP4, discussions about the new simulation data sets and on real NPP data processing challenges.

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