Workshops & Training

A series of workshops will be organised by CORTEX to disseminate the knowledge gained during the project to the scientific community.

  • 2 workshops will focus on the experiments performed at the research reactors and on the validation of the neutronic models.
    • The first workshop will be restricted to theproject partners only, while the second workshop will be open to a wider public (post-docs, Ph.D. students, other scientists, and industry).
  • A third workshop will focus on the demonstration of the methods developed within the project on actual plant data.
    • It will target all possible end-users of the methods and will be open to the nuclear industry, research institutes, technical and scientific support organisations.


Signal Processing and Noise Analysis Course

Dates 23, 24 and 25 April 2018, Madrid from 9:30 to 13:00 Organized by UPM Professors Cristina Montalvo, Agustín García-Berrocal and César Queral Location School of Mines and Energy, UPM Ríos Rosas 21, 28003 Madrid Objective Getting to know the…


8 short courses will be offered, covering several aspects of the research and method to be developed within the project.

2 web-based courses

Reactor dynamics and neutron noise

2 courses

Signal processing methods and their applications

1 hands-on training session

Simulation of reactor neutron noise in power reactors using a time-domain neutron kinetics code

1 web-based course

Uncertainty and sensitivity analysis

2 hands-on training sessions

Held at the research facilities used in the project


More information

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