Course: Reactor dynamics I – Introductory course with training sessions on the AKR-2 reactor

28 January – 1st February 2019
The course starts at 13:00 on 28 January and ends at 12:30 on 1st February.
TU Dresden
Institut für Energietechnik
George-Bähr-Straße 3b
01069 Dresden

Deadline for registration

12 January 2019

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Carsten Lange –


The course is free of charge. Participants have nevertheless to cover their own expenses (travel, food, and accomodation).

Course theme
The overall objective of the course will focus on reactor stability, where a brief repetition of some basics in reactor dynamics (e.g. space-time kinetics, thermal-hydraulics, etc.) will be given. Hence the course will be split in two parts:
  • Reactor dynamics I: Introduction course
  • Reactor dynamics II: Advanced reactor stability analysis.
Learning objective
The intention is to provide an understanding of the stability behavior of nonlinear dynamical systems like a nuclear reactor within the framework of the simulation of the time respectively space-time behavior of real reactor systems. Thus, these courses will include computer simulations where particular examples of certain problems will be treated with Matlab/MatCont and more complex problems will be simulated by a system code like DYN3D.
Structure of the 4 days courses
  • 2 days lecture
  • 2 days hands-on training at AKR-2 in TU Dresden
==> The role of time constants in nuclear reactors
==> Simple point-kinetics which include simplified feedback mechanisms
==> Thermal hydraulics
==> Repetition of space-time kinetics with focus on feedback mechanisms
==> The hands-on training at AKR-2 deals with zero power measurement (e.g. Rossi-alpha) and transfer function measurements.
Maximum number of participants
16 participants max.
Important practical information
The AKR-2 is operated with an operation license according to the German Atomic Energy Act.
This means:
  • Participants of the course have to respect the rules of the Radiation Protection Ordinance and will be instructed on the first day of the course
  • Pregnant and breastfeeding women are not allowed to work at the reactor and hence cannot participate at the course
  • The minimum age of participants is 16 years.

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