CORTEX workshop on the modelling of neutron noise and the validation of neutronic models


23-24 March 2021

The workshop begins on both days at 8:30 and end at 12:40.



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Deadline for registration

14 February 2021


Alexander Knospe –

Carsten Lange –

Course fee

The workshop is free of charge.

Course theme

The workshop focuses on the validation of reactor simulation codes with experimental neutron noise data provided by the zero-power reactors AKR-2 and CROCUS. It covers the theory behind the implementation of well-defined noise sources in state-of-the-art reactor dynamics codes and their experimental realization as scenarios of in-core perturbations in zero-power reactors. It also examines methods of signal analysis to extract quantities of interest from neutron flux fluctuations, both for simulation and experimental data. Special attention will be paid to the quantification of the inherent uncertainties in both cases.

Programme/Structure of the 2-days course:

The following topics will be covered:

  • Overview of noise theory
  • A general characterization of the noise sources and quantities of interest for the validation
  • Detailed description of the AKR-2/CROCUS reactors and the experimental realization of the noise sources (absorber of variable strength and vibrating absorber)
  • Modeling of the absorber of variable strength at AKR-2 with diffusion and transport theory in the frequency domain
  • Modeling of the vibrating absorber at AKR-2/CROCUS with diffusion, transport theory in the frequency and the time domain
  • Uncertainty analysis
Learning objective

The intention of the workshop is to provide an overview of the efforts needed for the validation of modern reactor codes used for reactor noise simulation by experimental data. The workshop not only covers the intricacies of noise source modeling in the frequency and time domain, but also investigates state-of-the-art techniques in signal processing for the uncertainty qualification of experimental data in the frequency domain and for simulation data. The participants of this workshop will gain a detailed understanding of modelling reactor noise with diffusion, as well as transport codes.

Target audience
  • PhD student with a background knowledge in nuclear engineering
  • Nuclear engineers
  • Reactor physicists
Maximum number of participants:

To be announced

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