ESFR-SMART: Course on “Deterministic modelling of nuclear systems”


Mark your calendar for the “Deterministic modelling of nuclear systems” course organised in the framework of the ESFR-SMART project, in Gothenburg (Sweden), from 9-13 September 2019!

This 5-day course is dedicated to topics covering neutron transport, fluid dynamics and heat transfer. It can be followed either in-person classes or fully online and aims at presenting the main algorithms in the computer codes used by the industry and in academia for the macroscopic modelling of nuclear systems. The underlying methods used in such codes – together with their assumptions and limitations-, will be thoroughly presented, so that codes could be used with confidence. During the course, attendees will also have to develop a one-dimensional coupled model of a heterogeneous sodium-cooled reactor using the presented methods.

==> Click HERE for more information and subscription to the course.

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