NUGENIA Forum 2019

The NUGENIA Forum 2019 will be held from 13 to 15 March 2019 at La Cité Universitaire in Paris, France.

The theme of this year Forum is “Innovation for a safe, efficient and low-carbon nuclear energy production”. It will be devoted to the discussion on the technical and scientific milestones to be tackled to ensure competitive, efficient and safe production of low CO2 electricity from GEN II, GEN III and SMR water-cooled nuclear power plants. 

Technological innovation is fundamental to maintain a high level of safety and competitiveness and requires the establishment of a well coordinated R&D&I programme at the European level, in close collaboration with international partners.

The NUGENIA Forum 2019 aims at discussing and analysing recent technological innovations in the field of manufacturing, digital technology and safety approaches that would lead to propose R&D and innovation priorities.  

The Forum will start with a plenary session with keynote speakers presenting the main topics to be discussed. The presentations will be followed by a panel discussion and by a “Poster drink” dedicated to the presentation of the projects under the NUGENIA portfolio.

The second day will be organised around six sessions to discuss new project ideas (one session per topic). Each session will be moderated by two experts with the objective to gather all proposed ideas in a template to be submitted on the NUGENIA open innovation platform:

  • Improved safety: passive systems, EATF…
  • Hazards & Environment: severe accidents, earthquakes, fire, Probabilistic studies
  • Digital Transition: multi-scale modeling and simulation, data analytics, Virtual reality, advanced instrumentation, digital nuclear reactor
  • Components manufacturing: additive manufacturing, civil engineering
  • Decommissioning and dismantling
  • Innovation and Competitiveness of Nuclear: Flexibility, SMR

On the third and last day, the Forum will finish with an overview of the energy landscape by invited speakers from International/European Organisations. A special session will be dedicated to the presentation of innovative subjects studied by young engineers and researchers within their PhD or Master studies. A special price will be attributed by NUGENIA to the best research work.

==> For more information on the 2019 FORUM & Registration, go on the NUGENIA dedicated web page HERE

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