First workshops at UPM and Chalmers

Two workshops arranged by CORTEX 

The first event took place on 22-25 April 2018, at UPM, Spain and was devoted to introducing basic techniques for signal analysis and their possible applications to nuclear power plants (14 participants registered to this event).




The second event was arranged by CHALMERS and tackled reactor dynamics and power reactor noise. The entire course was also made available on-line, thanks to a special interactive teaching room. The event had 16 on-site registrations and 26 off-site registrations. In addition to the on-line feature, the course made use of a pedagogical approach referred to as “flipped classrooms”, in which the students must follow pre-recorded lectures before attending the class. The in-class sessions can thus focus on engaging activities favouring more in-depth learning.


Major conferences

Beyond courses and workshops, CORTEX started being represented at major conferences, such as IJCNN2018, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil and at the 2018 International Conference in Reactor Physics (PHYSOR2018), Cancun, Mexico. The CORTEX community was heavily represented at PHYSOR with many presentations that attracted a large interest from the community.


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