Interactive summer course with a focus on nuclear safety

On 18-21 June 2018, about 42 young researchers from Europe, the US and Asia took part in a summer course at Chalmers . The topic was reactor dynamics with a focus on nuclear safety.

Cortex summer course at Chalmers 2018
About half of the participants were on-site, at the Department of Physics at Chalmers. The other participants took part in the activities via distance education, thanks to a multimedia room at the department. In addition, an innovative pedagogical format relying on flipped classrooms and adapted to both the on-site and off-site audiences was used throughout the course.

The course covered the fundamentals of nuclear reactor kinetics, with emphasis on one- and two-group diffusion theory and provides a solid and rigorous theoretical background in reactor dynamics. It also presented a special case of reactor kinetics, i.e. small space-time stationary fluctuations in nuclear reactors, also referred to as neutron noise or power reactor noise.

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