Workshop – Advanced signal processing methods and learning methodologies applied to the monitoring of NPP reactor conditions


Wednesday 20 February 2019


ÚJV Řež, a. s.

Hlavni 130, Řež,

250 68 Husinec

Czech Republic

Deadline for registration

19 January 2019

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Petr Stulik


The course is free of charge. Participants have nevertheless to cover their own expenses (travel, food, and accommodation).

Course theme

The overall objective of the workshop will focus on the application of advanced signal processing methods and statistical characterization of plant measurements, which can be applied to reactor core monitoring and dynamic sensor surveillance. Signal processing methods and learning methodologies are developed not only on simulation data but also on real plant data from PWR types such as a pre-KONVOI 3-loop, a pre-KONVOI 4-loop reactor, a VVER 440 reactor, a VVER 1000 reactor, two 4-loop PWRs, and one 3-loop PWR.


The programme of this workshop will be the following:

  • Introduction of the CORTEX project
  • Neutron noise simulation for the development and testing
  • Advanced signal processing techniques (FFT, Multiresolution Wavele Analysis, Huang Hilbert Transformation)
  • State-of-the-art machine learning methodologies (artificial neural networks and fuzzy logic methodologies)
  • Panel discussion
Learning objective

The intention is to provide information about the future possibilities and solutions for safe recognition of non-standard nuclear reactor operation conditions.

Target audience
  • Diagnostic staff of the nuclear industry
  • Research institutes
  • Universities

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